Social commitment

Guided by the philosophy of the Cycle of Goodness®, summed up in the motto “No one prospers without rendering benefits to others”, in particular since 1994, the year of its Environmental Charter and Natulon®, the first zip made with recycled material, YKK undertakes all issues related to responsibility.

In all circumstances, YKK chooses sustainable behaviors, processes and products.

Since March 2020, the year of the promotion by the United Nations of the “Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action”, the YKK Group has proudly joined the project and commits all its resources to achieve the goal of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions. greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

With the Sustainability Vision 2050, the company’s roadmap to tackle climate change, protect material and water resources, rethink chemical management and human rights, YKK aligns its goals on ten United Nations SDGs.

From a product point of view, the company is refining the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials, guide customers towards concrete solutions in a sustainable approach to production without sacrificing the quality that has always distinguished YKK.

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Social responsability