Polished metal -

Made with extreme care, Excella is a line with a clean, sharp, design, symbol of refinement, quality and elegance, synthesis of a superior quality beauty. The zipper is in polished metal; preformed individual elements, scratch-resistant and anti-snagging, are applied on the tape one at a time, to ensure maximum gliding of the slider on the chain and softness.

Aluminium -

A lightness that brings elegance, this is the core of aluminum zippers, born to offer high quality and easy gliding combined with lightness. The elements of this line are made entirely of aluminum, thus they are suitable for knitwear, technical apparel and leather goods.

Metal -

Metal Zipper line that adapts to aggressive treatments required by denim fabrics such as jeans and street wear. The entire casual segment indeed requires a resistant, high performing product due to the   extreme stress the garments go through. Metal zippers belong to the standard line and are suitable also for jackets, purses and bags

Coil -

The right balance between elegance and color, strength and endurance. YKK coil zippers fit the most difficult fabrics and delicate applications, even in footwear and sportswear. In the range there is the invisible zipper (size 2-3-5), which is fundamental for women’s clothing on which it has to go unnoticed. But, also other interesting versions like the waterproof, with Alcantara tape, metallic finish, iridescent and many more.

Injection moulded plastic -

A line designed to combine innovation, creativity and imagination. Bizarre effects created by pigments applied to molded polyacetalic material allow you to play with whimsical shapes and sassy applications. A line suitable for casual applications. Its peculiarity lies in its diversity.