YKK presents the new AW/24-25 at Milano Unica (11-13 July 2023)

29 July 2023

YKK Editorial Staff

YKK presents the new AW/24-25 LOW IMPACT Collection

When we speak of corporate sustainability we refer to a new conception of entrepreneurial activity, according to which the ultimate aim of the business cannot consist solely in maximizing profit, but must be extended to the creation of value in the long term, to advantage of all company interlocutors, the needs of future generations and the protection of the environment.

How is it possible to actively contribute to achieving this balance?

This is a question that YKK asks itself constantly, and has always been, while studying new solutions to operate in full compliance with social and environmental responsibility. But while on the one hand the term “sustainable product” might seem simple and easy to understand, on the other hand we know that it has different meanings for different people. At YKK, we define “sustainable” products as products made through manufacturing processes that conserve energy and water, ban the use of toxic chemicals, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional zippers. Obtaining a product with low environmental impact therefore means making sure that, throughout the complex life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to disposal as waste (or recycling), the impact on the environment, in at least one of its matrices (air, water, soil…), is reduced.

All this materially translates into the sustainable products that YKK presents in the AW/24-25 Collection:

The entire NATULON® line uses recycled polyester yarn for the tape. The recycled polyester yarn, in addition to saving energy and water consumption, offers a reduction of up to 79% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin polyester yarn. For this reason, NATULON® zips have a much lower carbon footprint than zips made with virgin polyester.

The NATULON Plus® zip offers even greater impact reduction as both the zip tape and chain are made from recycled materials. All this without any differences in the appearance, resistance or durability of NATULON® products compared to those made with virgin materials.

Excella® Natulon® with ECONYL® regenerated nylon tape is a brushed metal zip that reduces the use of virgin material thanks to the ECONYL® regenerated nylon tape and is suitable for garment dyeing. The elegant brass chain is extremely resistant and guarantees a long life to the garment or accessory:

Detachable Button & Rivet in mono material. Jeans button and rivet in the same material to facilitate recycling operations. With the Detachable Button & Rivet, YKK has patented the best of solutions: not only is the article single material to facilitate its disposal but it can be easily removed at the end of the garment’s life, thus also reducing the amount of textile waste. The button and rivet can be applied with standard machines and easily removed with a simple tool.

Excella® Stainless steel. Stainless steel is not afraid of scratches, it is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It is strong, light and hypoallergenic and does not require any galvanic treatment. But for those who prefer it in black, YKK has also developed a beautiful galvanized finish that can be combined with the most diverse designs.

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