With the growing awareness of the contribution of fashion consumption to ecosystem damage, consumers, producers and manufacturers are looking for the best solution to reduce their ecological footprint.

Created with is purpose, YKK prsents Vislon® Nylon, an innovative zip that ease the recycling of the garments.





Recycling, at various levels, is becoming the mantra that accompanies many reflections. But recycling is neither simple nor cheap when you try to do it with a piece of clothing, a complex object made up of numerous and varied parts.

The zip is a complicated accessory, made up of multiple elements that are difficult to separate, moreover, the zip itself is not easily separable from a garment.

Problem? Not anymore, with the innovative Nylon zip that is now part of the wide range of offers of YKK Italia.

Thanks to the structure almost entirely in polyamide, it can be easily recycled together with the Nylon garment on which it is sewn, without the need for prior removal.

This is further evidence of YKK’s far-sighted “green” commitment, publicly declared as early as 1994 and internalized in the philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness”.

A tangible commitment, made up of concrete actions such as facilitating the recovery of materials and an end-of-life cycle with virtuous consequences in terms of reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials and limiting the use of precious resources.

Nature is a precious asset and must be protected with commitment, dedicated initiatives and innovative solutions.

ITEM 1 – AW22/23

Vislon® Nylon
Designed to be made again

ITEM 2 - AW22/23

DP 300 Nylon
Designed to be made again

ITEM 3 - AW22/23

Vislon® Greenrise®
Waste as a resource

ITEM 4 - AW22/23

Excella® Organic Cotton tape
Reduces enviromental footprint

ITEM 5 - AW22/23

FlexFix® AcroPlating®
Making durability even more sustainable

ITEM 6 - AW22/23

3 different enviromentally friendly solutions